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Product Description
In the form of an alkaline battery pack, the 32A battery is designed with a voltage of 9 volts and mostly used for security alarms and remote controls. As a leading 32A battery supplier of China, WinPow has built a fully-developed 32A production line to help you save money without compromising quality.
Technical Specifications
Model No. 32A
Other designations L822
Battery type Zn/MnO2
Diameter/Height (mm) 8.0/22.2
Nominal voltage (V) 9
Rated capacity (mAh) 24
Standard resistance (kΩ) 15
Average weight (g) 3.4
Charging type Non-rechargeable
Package Blister or bulk
Product highlights
1.Zero MoQ limit;
2.0%Hg, no harm to the environment;
3.10% longer service life than similar products; and
4.Completely produced at our own factory.

About WinPow
Established in 2007, WINPOW has obtained ISO9001:2015, CE, SGS and BSCI certifications successively and grown to a prestigious battery brand in China. We are touted as an expert in 23A/27A series batteries and lithium button cells like CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032.

Q: What's the difference between 32A and 23A?
A: The difference lies in voltage and size.
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