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Product description
Steatite Ceramic is an inorganic material based on natural raw materials consisting predominantly of magnesium silicate. It is marked by a high heat resistance, resistance to leakage current and dielectric strength. It is recommended as an insulation material in electrical engineering.

Technical Parameters
ItemIndexUnitSteatite95 Al2O399 Al2O3
Physical CharacteristicsBulk densityg/cm
Water absorption%000
Mechanical CharacteristicsFlexural strengthMpa145320340
Hardness VickersGpa5.712.213.5
Elastic modulusGpa120280320
Electrical CharacteristicsPoisson's ratio-
Expansion coefficient10-6/鈩?/p>
Thermal conductivityw/(m . k)2.51624
Specific Heat10-3 J/ (kg * K)0.750.780.78
Electrical CharacteristicsDielectric constant-6.299.4
Dielectric loss angle*10 -418155
Dielectric strength*10 6 V/m181215
1) A variety of specifications available.
2) Satisfy various technical request
3) Lower medium spoilage
4) Good insulation performance and high temperature resistance
5) Stiffness texture
6) Used in all electric products, electric heating products and wear resistant machinery parts.
Production equipment
Quality Control
1. Checking raw materials.
2. Checking the products before assembling.
3. Checking the products in the production.
4. Make the random examination before the delivery according accepted quality limit standard.
Production process
Why choose us
1.Support custom made need, whatever, it's prototyping project, or cost down program.
2.With over than for many years OEM, ODM manufacturing experience.
3.With in-house comprehensive production equipments from forming to secondary process.
4.Competitve price with low level MOQ request.
5.Free samples availability for stocked ceramic insulation beads.
Our certificate
Packaging and shipping
Our customers have a wide range of processing choices for transportation mode.
鈼?By Express (FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc...)
--- Advantage: Fast ( takes about 7 - 10 days in the delivery ), door to door
--- Disadvantage: A little expensive
鈼?By Air Transportation
--- Advantage: Fast ( takes about 8 - 12 days ), a little cheaper than Express.
--- Disadvantage: You need to take the goods from the airport by yourself.
鈼?By Sea ( Ocean ) Transportation
--- Advantage: Much cheaper than Express or Air transportation.
Disadvantage: Slow and you need to take the goods from your destination port by yourself.China Steatite Ceramics

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