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PAT ball valve, comply with PTS 12.32.07
Size: NPS1/2鈥?to NPS24鈥?(DN15 to DN600)
Pressure Rating: ASME Class150 to Class2500 (PN16 to PN420)
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Stainless
Seat: Soft, Metal to Metal
End Connection: SW,NPT, RF, BW, RTJ
Operation: Lever, Worm Gear
Inspection and test: PTS 12.32.07
Feature: The test is strictly based on the PTS standard
Product Acceptance Test (PAT) for Valves
Selection of valves and qualification range
Valves selected for performance validation testing should have successfully passed the quality verification described in appendix B to the satisfaction of owner. However, the required material tests and examinations specified in 6.4.5 to 6.4.12 and table 1 of API 591:2014 shall be executed after successfully passed PAT. All selected valves shall be clearly identified.
The range of valve sizes and pressure classes to be qualified shall be in accordance with tables C.1a and C.1b below as a guideline. Alternative valves may be selected in consultation between owner and the manufacturer. The indicated selected valve鈥漇鈥?is the most optimum for the qualification range.Customized PAT Valve

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