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Product Description
E-lite Led COB recessed module has different beam angle lens for option. In project application, it can be made into narrow beam and wide beam by using the same fitting, but only changing the lens. Led downlight modules are well-received by customers for its easy assembly and future maintainance. E-lite dedicates to making nice design and reliable quality led COB modules for customers around the world. Welcome to contact us if you have related module requests. Model number: G50
Product Paramete
InstallationRecessed / Adjustable / Round
CCT2700K,3000K, 4000K,CRI>80, CRI>90
Bining<3-step MacAdam
Estimated led lifetimeL80 / 50,000h
OpticalDirect illumination
Beam angle10掳, 22掳, 36掳, 60掳
PhysicalAluminium, wet painting, secondary reflector plastic
Full range of adjustable downlight, five sizes with LED wattages 4W-38W.
Precision engineered adjustment mechanism, easy to adjust to specific angle. 30掳 tilt and 355掳 rotation.
Thermally engineered heatsink creates highly efficient passive cooling system.
Different colours of secondary reflector are available.
Anti-glare accessory provides maximum eye comfort.
Trimless installation downlight and accessory are available.
Order Information
G50-NS 6W 450-550lm Narrow Spot Beam Version (CREE LED)
CodeLED outputModule outputCDLED VoltageLED CurrentLED PowerSystem PowerCRICCTBeam
G50-NS-830-10680lm500lm8183 CD12V500mA6W8W833000K10掳
G50-NS- 830-10720lm550lm9158 CD12V500mA6W8W834000K10掳
G50-R5 6W 550-650lm models (LUMINUS LED)
CodeLED outputModule outputCDLED VoltageLED CurrentLED PowerSystem PowerCRICCTBeam
G50-R5-830-22750lm600lm2382 CD18V350mA6W8W833000K22掳
G50-R5- 840-22800lm650lm2589 CD18V350mA6W8W834000K22掳
G50-R5-830-36750lm600lm1500 CD18V350mA6W8W833000K36掳
G50-R5- 840-36800lm650lm1619 CD18V350mA6W8W834000K36掳
G50-R5-830-60750lm600lm868 CD18V350mA6W8W833000K60掳
G50-R5- 840-60800lm650lm943 CD18V350mA6W8W834000K60掳
Lighting Application
Display Suitcase
1.Q:Could you provide lighting proposal per our lighting application area ?
A:Yes. We are good at giving lighting solution proposal base on your drawings and location.
2.Q: Can I get a led light sample to check your quality?
A: When price is confirmed by both sides, the sample issue can be discussed.
3.Q:Will led light package support OEM ?
A:Yes, it support OEM package base on your package drawing.
4.Q: What is IP rated for your underground light and underwater light ?
A: All outdoor recessed ground lights are IP67 and underwater lights are IP68.
5.Q:What should I do if there is quality issue happening during warranty time ?
A: The quality is strictly controlled by E-lite quality section, but if quality issue happen, we would like to make free replacement.
6.Q: Does E-lite lighting deliver led lights to the world-wide?
A: Yes. E-lite aims to deliver high-end and high quality led lights to all countries and regions.Customized Downlight Module

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