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1.Design and manufacturing:
GB/T12237-1989; APl608.
2.Inspection and Test:
GB/T13927-1992; APl 598.
3.Flange connection:
JB/T79) I2-1994; ASME/ANSI B165.
1, The manual part can use steel plate pressed handle or stainless steel cast handle. The handle is equipped with a limit structure to set the limit at the opening and closing position of the valve. When the valve is used on the key device, the limit block is equipped with a lock hole to lock the switch position to avoid misoperation. There is a clear open and close sign on the handle.
2. The valve stem adopts A182F (1Cr13) integral forging and modulation treatment, and the hardness reaches HB220 ~ 250. The valve stem is connected with the handle through the flat key or spline or square. The valve stem is provided with blowout proof structure.
3, Valve packing choice braided, flexible graphite sealing ring or tetrafluoroene sealing ring, so that the valve stem in a certain degree of lubrication to achieve a reliable seal.
4. According to the needs, the ball valve can be designed as an anti-static structure. Conductive springs are set between the ball and the valve stem, and between the valve stem and the valve body to avoid electrostatic ignition and ignite flammable substances, so as to ensure the safety of the system.
5. Various sealing pairs. Soft seal, hard seal and fireproof seat can be selected according to different working conditions. The form below DN150 is floating ball, and the form below DN200 is fixed ball.
6. Auxiliary sealing structure can be set at the seat of the ball valve. Grease filling valve can be installed at the seat and stem to temporarily seal in case of emergency.China Ball Valve

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