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Our History  
Battery research and development capacity and production capacity have a history of more than 20 years, for battery safety performance control and protection of battery fire or bulging has its own core technology and detection capabilities.

Our Factory  
Dongguan Sunshine Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales cellphone batteries, like this Samsung batteries , ipad batteries and HUAWEI batteries ,power bank and so on.
Our Products  
Cellphone battery, power bank, Tablet PC battery
Product Application  
Cellphone repair shop, and personal cellphone replacement battery
Our Certificate  

Production Equipment  
Automatic veneer pad machine, automatic sorter , automatic dispensing machine, automatically mounted bracket, CCD tester, power battery welder, battery performance testing system , battery aging cabinet.
Production Market  
At present, sales of American customers are only $5 million for one customer, while sales of Japanese customers are $3 million.
Our Service  
There are more than 10 links in pre-sale inspection. After customers purchase, we track the service for more than one year, the warranty period for more than one year after sales, and wholesale customers have bad products. We directly replenish the goods according to the proportion. Battery for Iphone 8 Plus High Capacity 3400mah manufacturers

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