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Packaging Industry Introductions:
Automatic Hot Shrink Packing Machine is widely used in the industry for people's livelihood in various fields. In order to adapt to the requirements of different working conditions and products kinds, the shrink machine has a big variety.
Heat shrink film packaging machine enterprises are very important to the development of new products. It should be seen that China's heat shrink film packaging machine industry has developed to today to seek further development of the technical approach, from a deeper level of the heat shrink film packaging machine technology development trend and product development trend of comprehensive analysis and thinking, efforts to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights.
Heat shrink film packaging machine is a high degree of automatic equipment. The machine is widely used in medicine, daily necessities, food and beverage and household chemicals and other industries. The application of heat shrink film packaging machine can greatly reduce the use of packaging materials and labor costs, it has an important economic significance.
We FUSHIDE already focused in automatic heat shrink packing machine manufacturing around 20 years with many patents. Here we introduce our servo motor L bar vertical type packing machine for medium size products.
For all industries, all shape, single or combination packing, we can provide specific equipment. Our mechanical properties are stable with high efficiency which save packaging cost. FUSHIDE specialize in producing hot shrinkable film machine series. We are heat shrink wrapper expert, automation design expert with full ranges of products.
Technical data
Style NoFLB- 6080 AC
Voltage380 V / 50 Hz
Power Unit3 .2 K W
Net weight735 K G
Machine overall sizeL2185* W1545* H 1500(mm)
Sealing cutter sizeL600* W800(mm)
Packing sizeL(100~ 750)* W(100~ 500)* H(5~ 240)mm
Packing speed10-40(Pack/min)
Applied to bulk production in industry like electronics, hardware, plastics, cosmetics, food, printings, building materials, pharmaceuticals, stationery, printed materials, ceramics and other handicrafts.
Heat shrink film packaging machine is a combination of electronic components and mechanical devices, by PLC and other peripheral circuit control of automatic packaging equipment.
Why Choose it:
1.Customized shrink length
2.High-temperature resistance
3.Anti-cutting device
4.Up to 40packs/minute
5.Unmanned operator
6.Stainless steel heating tube.
1.How is the packing of machine?
Safe wooden carton packing for long distance shipping.
2.Can you arrange shipment for customer?
Yes, we work with the most reliable shipping companies with very good experience in shipping.Automatic Sealing Machine

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