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Hand Towel Making Machine Description
1, Raw paper will be folded by N/M fodl Hand towel, 1 ply, equip with embossing unit
2, Adopt vacuum suction and automatic fold counting function, with such advantages as high speed, neatly folding, and easy to operate.
3, Roots vacuum pump adsorption system, make the machine has the feature of large adsorbing amount and stable pressure loading.
4. Other options, such as lamination for 2 plies glued, it is available
Technical Parameter
Machine modelSZ(220-240)/(2-7)
Raw material core outer diameter脴1200mm
Raw material core inner diameter脴76.2mm, 3"
Speed0-200m/min, depend on the machine model
PowerFrequency conversion speed regulator
Folding typeVacuum suction "N" fold
Lubrication unitAutomatic key parts regular lubricating
Transmission unitSynchronous belt, flat belt
CounterEletric counting, Ink marked
Machine structureStandard Structure, complete close structure
Vacuum systemRoots type vaccuum pump 11-37kw
Pneumatic system3HP air compressor, mini air pressure 5kg/cm2 Pa (provided by customer)
Main motor7.5-11kw
Overall size7000*(1730-2450)*1850mm
WeightDepend on the size and configure
Embossing unitSteel to steel, pneumatic pressure adding, overlapping embossing
Lamination unitDouble embossing, and glue application
Manufacture Professional supplier of
1) Full Automatic Toilet Paper Roll Rewinding Machines (1.2m--3.5m width of parent roll, Customize Service)
2) Full Automatic Kitchen Towel Lamination Machines (1.2m--3.5m width of parent roll, Customize Service)
3) Full Automatic Facial Tissue Folding Machine (2-8 output lanes)
4 )Napkin Paper Folding Machine(L-fold, 1/4-fold, 1/6-fold, 1/8-fold and other multi-fold type)
5) Hand Towel Paper Folding Machine(C-fold, V-fold and N/Z/M fold type)
6) Handkerchief Paper/Pocket Tissue Machine(mini and standard size)
7) Above matched Tissue Paper Cutting Machine and Packing Machine
8) Another Household Paper Equipment and Production Line.China Hand Towel Machines

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