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Car hub motor control wire harness uses green materials and reduces damage to the human body
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No.of pins: 2锝?18
The interface type:  AC/DC
Contact material: Tin plating
Apply to wire: 28~20/AWG
Insulation material: PVC/TPE/The silicone
Waterproof grade: IP6K9K
Halogen-free and environmentally friendly insulation layer to avoid carcinogenic substances produced by the incineration of traditional PVC wires.
High flame Resistant , not easy to incinerate.
Low toxin, insulation, lead-free, cadmium and other heavy metals harmful to human body
No corrosive air, production, use of process and incineration do not occur toxic air such as HCL
Waterproof, UV-resistant, adopts green environmental protection materials that are not in the same molecular layout, guarantees ultra-low water absorption, and makes the products have excellent UV protection effect, ensuring the safety of such products.
High light transmittance, the smoke generated during incineration is extremely thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the work of fire fighting.
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