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Hengli Group is a comprehensive company and has been engaged in pure and blended cashmere products for more than 30 years. Our headquarters is located in Qinghe County - the earliest and largest distribution center of cashmere fiber in China. Since the beginning of entrance to the cashmere industry, Hengli Group has adhered to "advanced technology, scientific management and excellent quality, good reputation" as the cornerstone of development. After more than 30 years of hard efforts, one-stop deep processing of our company has been founded, from dehaired fiber to finished garments and accessories.
Our main products are dehaired cashmere fiber, cashmere yarns and cashmere garments and accessories, with an annual output of more than 300 tons of carding materials, 200 tons of yarns , 600,000 pecies of sweaters. Our products have been exported to the European,USA and Southeast Asia for over 20 years, and enjoy a good reputation.
Based on one-stop processing, Xingtai Hengli Cashmere Product Co., Ltd. can supply small quantity products with top quality at competitive price. Based on many years of OEM experience, our designers and skillful persons can understand customers' designs clearly and produce the right products. To ensure that every product from our company is qualified, Xingtai Hengli Cashmere Product Co., Ltd. have a professional inspector in every processing step.
Subsidiary Companies
Xingtai Hengli Cashmere Products -- Washing/Carding Factory
Wuxi Hengan Cashmere Product -- Knitting Factory
Hengli Group  strives to the ideal "Customer First".We aim to provide the best products and service for our customers.Hengli Group's future will be a future that undertake the social responsibility and mission,a future full of ambition,a future that devote to employee's happiness, keep advancing and keep surpassing Female Cashmere Wrap For Travel Shawl Stole suppliers

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