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The whole vehicle material is used high quality steel, Shanghai Baosteel manufacturer directly buys the real raw material. The high quality and high strength steel treatment of the whole vehicle makes the body weight light and the load is not easy to appear quality problems. On the basis of using high quality raw materials, the company has introduced a variety of automation equipment to make the welding strong and beautiful weld uniform without false welding leakage welding.Container can be the size of the skeleton container, skeleton container semi-trailer is the state announcement of normal goods, models can be customized. Skeleton car is welded by longitudinal beam, beam and front and back end beam. Longitudinal beam is welded into i-shape by high quality steel 16Mn submerged arc welding, beam is stamped into groove by high quality steel plate, and front and rear end beam is welded rectangular section. In order to improve the bearing capacity of the container locking device, an integral long beam is set at the middle part of the container locking device.
The light skeleton semi - trailer is attracting more and more attention from consumers. The launch of light frame semi - trailer gradually updated the traditional steel semi - trailer weight shortcomings. With the development of high-tech, steel semi-trailer will be replaced by light skeleton semi-trailer gradually. Therefore, the future development prospect of light skeleton semi-trailer is quite promising. My company in The semi - trailer is light in weight, good in quality and large load in tonnage. Special vehicle. Our continuous pursuit of quality innovation and the establishment of a good corporate image is the key to the market. If a brand has no technological innovation and keeps copying-others' technology, It means that the enterprise will always lag behind others and will only be eliminated by the market. If an enterprise does not have a good brand image, It means that it is not ready to be widely recognized by consumers.Skeleton Container Semi Trailer in stock

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