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Rotary drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery suitable for drilling in the foundation engineering of building. Mainly suitable for sand, clay, silty soil and other soil layer construction, in the pouring pile, continuous wall, foundation reinforcement and other foundation construction, it has been widely used, rotary drilling rig rated power is generally 125~450kw, the power output torque of 120~400kn m, The largest hole diameter up to 1.5~4m, the largest hole depth of 60~90m, can meet the requirements of various types of large-scale foundation construction.
This type of drilling rig generally uses hydraulic crawler telescopic chassis, self-landing folding drill mast, telescopic drill pipe, with verticality automatic detection adjustment, hole depth digital display, etc. Overall unit uses the machine control hydraulic pilot, load sensing, with the light and comfortable operation and other characteristics. The main, auxiliary winches can be applied to the needs of the site in a variety of situations.
For all kinds of cutting tools, our company studies and selects scientific and reasonable materials, reasonable structure design and advanced heat treatment process. Advanced welding equipment is used to weld the tool body and alloy, and advanced silver brazing technology is used for high quality welding. Welding strength greater than 250MPA ensures a perfect fit between the high strength matrix and the alloy, and more effectively ensures the impact toughness, tensile and compressive strength during tool operation. Therefore, the applicable geological conditions are very extensive.
All kinds of hob parts produced by our company are made of domestic high-quality low alloy carbon steel and have good comprehensive mechanical properties by adopting reasonable heat treatment process.
▲The hob parts "bearing" made by the company adopt imported original products such as TIMKEN of US, SKF of Sweden and NTN of Japan and the sealing elements adopt UME of US, which ensures that all kinds of cutting tools have the performance features of high precision, high bearing, strong reliability and high life.
Generally using tungsten alloy material (equivalent to the international standard YG11C), the hardness of the cutter tooth part is between 88 and 89HRA, the bending strength is 2400 n/mm2, and the density is between 14.5 and 14.9 cm3. Usually adopting wear-resistant material of 42Crmo, the cutter body is made by cold and hot-pressing forging. The hardness of heat treatment is between 42 and 44 HRC. Since high hardness will easily cause the knife handle to break, the hardness should not be too high. The gasket is made of  hard elastic material of 65Mo with a diameter of 44 mm, which help avoid the direct wear and tear of the cutter head to the cutter base when milling and planing, thus effectively prolonging the service life of the cutter base.Raise Boring Tools factory

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